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The Best Pathway to Learning Your Instrument.

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So you have your instrument and you are ready to rock! Next step is to find the right path to learning. Choosing the best pathways often decide how successful your learning experience will be. Just getting the young bloke down the road to give you a few lessons isn't always the best choice.  Your best bet is to look for an experienced tutor who has a reputation for getting results. 

Lots of students, particularly those starting later in life will ask about tutors who will teach them some party tricks without the need for proper musical notation. Their aim is to be able to play along and jam with mates in the garage so they only might need a couple of chords. That's ok. A well trained guitar tutor can show you techniques that make playing those chords and simple riffs easier on your hands. Good training allows you to learn faster, play faster and develop the ability to play more difficult passages.

Many people will argue that they can find the same advice on You Tube for free. You Tube won't tap you on the shoulder and adjust your arm position, or show you that your posture is off. All of these things make a difference.

If you are learning to sing, technique is even more important. A young child can do permanent damage to their voices if they insist on singing too low. A good singing teacher teaches breathing, posture and exercises that will ensure you reach your full potential and vocal range.

The same goes for any instrument whether it we piano or keyboard. Brass, woodwind and violin depend greatly on the players technique and development is seriously limited if you don't get the right advice. 

It's about reaching your full potential. Not everyone wants to make it to Albert Hall or the Opera House, but we seriously limit a students potential ability by missing the key elements in early musical learning.

And for those who say learning to read music is just too difficult - remember we actually only use 7 letter of the alphabet. It's not difficult. And the ability to read music means that you can pick up a score and find out immediately what it sounds like. If you cannot read the beauty of that piece is lost to you forever. Not everything is available as a video on You Tube.

The internet is a fabulous resource for musicians! We can watch performances by the most amazing professionals or by some busker in Europe who just happens to be an underground genius and some recorded him on their iphone. It allows us to access music cheaply and easily. When it comes to learning your instrument however, talk to you local professionals about who might be best to book some lessons with. Make the investment in your learning. You've already invested in your instrument. Shame not to learn it well.

Oh...and regular practice is the key. There is no magic wand or elixir that can turn you into Tommy Emmanuel overnight. Regular practice and a professional tutor wins. Every time.


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